Data Science

My recent work on Machine Learning stuff. Mostly in Python and Gephi.

Data Visualization

My work on Tableau, infographics and other viz.

Data Community DC

I'm a community organizer for Data Viz DC. Here's our next meetup!

Latest Posts

My goal is to probe macroeconomic issues and explain them in plain English, using data science and data viz. Sometimes I also share random musings about my life around data...

A review of my GA courses

I completed Data Science, Data Analytics, and Visual Design at GA. Here's my review.

1,000 songs to hear before you die

A dataset from The Guardian, amplified.

In Beta: Export Quality Ladders

From the IMF's Export Diversification toolkit, available on

Is unemployment really YUUUGE?

94 million workers out of the labor force. Should we be concerned? (Also, my first attempt at an infographic.)

Next meetup:

      Brunch n' Hack : Music and Spotify Details and RSVP
Dec. 9 @ WeWork Chinatown